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As a grassroot club, our values have always been true to the community, inspiring volunteering and strong youth leadership.

Established in the 1980s, Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club Inc. commonly referred to as ‘EYSC’ is a not-for-profit and grassroot organization that is dedicated to providing a year-round, top-quality training and skills development for players of all ages. Our primary objective is to offer our players the opportunity to reach their full potential as competitors, on and off the field. Programs include soccer technique and fundamentals, structured drills, competitiveness, strength and conditioning, mental development, and nutrition.  

Programs available for:

  • Mini: (ages 4-6): Fun introduction to soccer through games and drills.

  • Middle (ages 7-8): and High School Recreational Soccer:  Focus on soccer techniques and fundamentals.  Great for players that want to improve skill for competing at local or school level.

  • High Competition:  Training programs are available for individuals that want to compete on the District and Provincial level.

Few Reasons to Join

  • Players will benefit from seasoned instructors who have trained, competed, and coached successfully at all levels.
  • EYSC provides access to paid professional coaches, so players  can practice competing at any level. Players must learn to compete and work as teammates if they want to make it to the top.
  • Train in a space specifically for soccer athletes not shared with other sports or programs.
  • EYSC gives those players who are determined to be the best an opportunity to train year-round so they can discover the results of hard work and “ADVANCED” training. Well-known national facilitators host special clinics and workshops. The club also hosts and visits other clubs for special training and competitions.
  • Training class sizes are limited so players receive more focused instruction.
  • EYSC stay current with the latest trends of training and technique that players must know to keep a competitive edge.
  • Coaching is provided for areas that are often overlooked but just as important for players to reach their potential. Topics include mental skills training, game management (passing & defending), and strength and conditioning.
  • Private one-on-one sessions and focus groups can be scheduled by any member.
  • Videotape analysis of matches and practices is another way EYSC can help players improve their soccer techniques. Visual feedback and expert staff critique helps players see their moves and adjust them accordingly.