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Founder's Message


Soccer is unique because it is a full body movement sport where the Team owns 100% of the glory for a win and 100% of the responsibility for a loss.  The skills learned provide excellent self awareness; mental toughness and confidence that becomes priceless talents which helps each person thrive under the pressures of adult life.

The cliché, “It doesn't get any better than this”, is in connection with the description of one of the fundamental underlinings upon which the Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club is constructed.  We are interested in providing a thrilling activity for youth in our community to pursue.  Through soccer, otherwise called football, we instill habits that develop character and we teach the discipline needed to shed many of the negative temptations that are prevalent in modern teenage life.  Our Code-of-Conduct is taken from a combination of the FIFA soccer standards and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) behavior requirements.  Players who fail to follow the code of conduct and are unwilling to work on improvement become ineligible to participate in the club.  Coaches and Parents are expected to lead by setting a positive example and helping the younger players learn.  It is our belief that we can positively impact more youth by working to habilitate them rather than rehabilitate them.

Soccer like few other sports, have well established geometric expressions where young athletes are able to hone their skills and properly prepare to compete with athletes from anywhere in the country.  Unfortunately, training opportunities in soccer can sometimes become inconsistent for a particular player.  Anyone who has played soccer will tell you that the best way to improve is to train on a regular basis with teammates who are highly committed or above your skill level.  Our soccer club offers recreational sessions, but we also focus on preparing those who dream of placing nationally, or learning International styles of the world class.   We cater for players all around the Greater Toronto Area, making the Etobicoke region our turf for all home training and soccer experience, year-round.

The Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club is strictly a non-profit organization where all revenue is used for the direct benefit of youth players.  Parents and coaches are welcome and expected to become active members of the club and to work on at least one of the following club initiatives.

Knowledge Base:  We are developing a written record of best known soccer techniques.  Any member of the club is welcome to challenge these assumptions and coaches in the club are expected to argue their case if they disagree with any conclusion.  We believe that every playing situation lends itself to a list of possible actions.  Logic tells us that one of these actions must provide the highest percentage for success and other actions have merit for special cases that depend on match score or individual talents.  Even more important for us to identify are the actions that have a low percentage for success and limited merit for unique situations.  Our club actively works to eliminate these low percentage options from the acceptable list of actions.

Facility Purchase:  This initiative requires a diligent committee that works to continuously reduce our rental costs while setting money aside for the eventual purchase of a permanent facility.  Due to the cost, help is needed to seek corporate donors, foundation grants, or private donors to make this a reality.

Coach Development:  We are open to all new methods of teaching and we spend time training our coaches when we find effective methods.  Teaching finish first, stretching after practice (not before), and attacking from back position are examples of recent philosophical improvements to our program.  Consistency among coaches is a very important part of our program.  We understand that it is impossible to provide a coach with a world class soccer resume for every program.  However, when we hire a world class Technical Director/professional coach to run a clinic or we tap into the knowledge of world class player/coach, we do our best to incorporate their insight into our knowledge base and our coach development program.

Recruiting:  Our club provides a neutral center of excellence for the sport of soccer.  We envision a future where the best soccer players from each level and age train in the offseason and together raise their game to new heights.  We envision a future where the collective knowledge of all local soccer coaches is shared for the benefit of young people in our community.  We envision a future where all local soccer coaches pool their resources so each youth player can receive more personal attention without asking each coach to sacrifice all their family time.  We are interested in developing any and all youth players.  Our door is open to any person of good character who wishes to improve the sport.  Members of the club are expected to recruit coaches, parents and players who are inspired by our vision.

Thank you for your interest and we invite you to join us in our effort pass on the greatest known sport to the youth of our community!

Jack ‘Uncle Jack’ Blasutti
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