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Referee Development

Click on the banner for the registration form. Please complete the form and email it to including payment. You can drop by the office if you prefer. 270 Galaxy Blvd. Etobicoke Monday to Thursday 1-9pm; Friday 12-5pm

Click on the banner for the registration form. Please complete the form and email it to including payment. You can drop by the office if you prefer. 270 Galaxy Blvd. Etobicoke Monday to Thursday 1-9pm; Friday 12-5pm

Why Become a Referee?

You Learn the Game by becoming a referee; you will develop a better understanding of the rules and regulations of soccer, making you a better player or a better-informed spectator. Give Back to the Club: You can help assure that we have qualified referees to officiate our games. It is also a way to show support to the club.

Earn money, have fun: Not only is refereeing fun, you can also earn some pocket money while helping children and youth enjoy the game of soccer.

Additional Information:

As a New Referee, you can officiate youth recreational (House League) games and also be an assistant referee in youth competitive games.

To register, please contact the club for upcoming course dates, obtain and submit a registration form to the club's office. At each clinic, there will be a limit of 25 participants, so you must act quickly in order to be assured of a spot.

In order to referee with the EYSC for the upcoming season, we ask all potential candidates to be at least 14 years of age as of March 31, of the current year.

How Many Games Will I Referee Per Season?

As many as are possible. When you register, you will be asked whether you would like to be scheduled weekly, regularly (ever 2-3 weeks) or as a substitute only (all subject to block out dates you give us). For U11 or younger games, usually two games are assigned per day (as a double header). For all other older age groups, you will be assigned to do one game per day. During the summer season, games will be played from Monday through Thursday of each week.

Mentoring Program

The Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club is committed to referee training, education, and mentoring in order to produce the finest referees of the future. For this purpose, and for the good and welfare of the referees at the Club, a mentoring program, exclusive to EYSC will be in place. Among the aims of this program is to assign experienced mentors to randomly, or at a referee's request, provide valuable, 1-on-1 feedback as well as support to those referees who want to improve their officiating skills, and realize their potential to become top level referees in the future. In order to request a mentor, you may contact your Club Referee-In-Charge at any time during the season.


How Can I become a Referee?

If you are interested in becoming a referee with Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club, you must first register and complete an Entry Level Referee Clinic. This is the first level of certification for referees in Canada. To enroll in the course, you must be 14 years of age or older, as of March 31, of the current year.

The course consists of an in-class theory session and one on-field practical session, which is held in the spring. For more info contact the Club's Head Referee at

What Happens Next?

Once you have passed your certification course and on-field practice, you will be given a form to fill out that allows you to referee with the club. On that form, you will be able to block out dates/times that you know you are unavailable to referee. We also ask you to identify teams you are playing on, coaching or have kids playing on so that we can schedule you around those games.

What Age Level Games Will I Referee?

We will never assign you to a game that is of a higher age level than you feel comfortable with. Newly certified youth referees (less than 15 yrs old) will start out on U8/9 games; youth refs above 15 yrs of age will start out on U10/11 games. As you register each season, you will be asked to determine the age level of games at which you feel comfortable working.

Any Other Questions, Comments, or Concerns:

You are encouraged to contact the Club via or phone 416-622-8726.

Have a Great Season!

For more information, contact:
Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club's Head Referee at